What He Really Thinks About Your B.O. & Hairy Legs During Sex

Real men weigh in on our biggest sex insecurities.

What You're Thinking Vs. What He's Thinking During Sex

There are a ton of things that we worry about when it comes to sex—from whether or not we shaved that day, to trying not to look like Flubber while squeezing out of our Spanx. But what does your guy really think about it all? We asked a few men to weigh in. What we learned? Many of our vulnerabilities are actually turn-ons. As for, everything else—he isn’t even paying attention…

Your worry: Are my legs hairy?
He’s thinking: "I'm a leg man. I love a great pair of legs to feel up on and get my motor running, per say. That being said, I barely notice if a woman's legs are hairy or not. So if we're in the sack and you haven't shaved your legs in days, I probably won't even be able to tell." - Rick, 24


Your worry: What if I fart?
He’s thinking: "If I'm comfortable with someone it's always a good break for a mutual laugh!" -Timmy, 24

Your worry: Do I look fat when I'm on top?
He’s thinking:  "No guy is going to be under a chick thinking, 'Man, she looks so fat up there.' He's going to be too busy thinking, ‘This is awesome!’ to really care. You don't look any fatter riding cowboy than you do walking down the street with me." - Patrick, 30

Your worry: Are my boobs/butt big enough?
He’s thinking:  "Believe us—we considered that long before getting into bed with you. We love your body, and we're thrilled that you want to share it with us. Consider that check cashed." -Steven, 24


Your worry: Am I really bad at this?
He’s thinking: "Bad sex is like bad pizza. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." - Patrick, 30
"No, you're perfect at it. Just jump on it and do work!"
- Antonio, 23

Your worry: Does my breath stink?
He’s thinking: "Let’s face it—we've all woken up with someone who has morning breath. [It's] not hard to get over. I once dated a woman who loved to eat croutons, though...that was a little rough."
- Timmy, 24 


Your worry: Are my bra and underwear sexy enough?
He’s thinking: "Ultimately, they will be on my floor. This isn't a fashion show. It's sexy time! I don't care what they look like, I just want to see your birthday suit." - Patrick, 30


Your worry: Do I have B.O.?
He’s thinking: "Body odor happens. It's a result of hard work. I don't mind it." - Timmy, 24

Your worry: Are my Spanx a turn off?
He’s thinking:  "We don't mind what Spanx do, but if you could remove it discreetly, we'd appreciate it." - Steven, 25

"As long as you don't look like Shamu when it comes off, that's fine with me!" - Patrick, 30


Your worry: Is my vagina too hairy?
He’s thinking: "It's not required, but I like my girl to try and keep it trimmed a bit. I always try on my end!  - Timmy, 24