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Should You Go Natural For Your Next Hair Removal Session?

Nufree: Healthy waxing for beach days

It's finally here: bathing suit season! Trips to the beach and a whole lot of sun are in store for your summer. But what about waxing? The bumps, the pain, the redness — none of it is exactly conducive to a sexy day at the beach. This season, try a hair removal method that not only does its job, it also leaves little-to-no indication behind that it was ever there!

Personally, I have quite sensitive skin that breaks out into hives extremely easily. I have tried numerous products to figure out which will make my skin break out and which I should continue using. Unfortunately, this trial and error has primarily led to error — especially when it came to hair removal. Brazilian waxes leave room for mistakes, they're very messy and many can cause irritation all over skin. Plus, they're often tested on animals, which is not a practice I want to support in any way.

When choosing hair removal methods, you don't want to wind up using a harsh wax that will damage your skin; trust me, the combination of your hair being ripped out of their follicles and a product giving you a rash is not a fun time. Going botanical may seem like a strange step to take with your body hair, but when you think about it, your hair removal method affects multiple aspects of your body: your pores' clarity, your skin's smoothness, your hair's regrowth, the hair follicles themselves ... when you skimp and opt for a cheap choice of wax, you wind up regretting it later, once the ingrown hairs, clogged pores and bumps start.

A botanical hair removal method like the one I had, NuFree, can not only get you super smooth in time for swimming season, but also keeps your skin from getting frustrating, awkward reactions like redness, bumps and discoloration. This is because it's not a wax; it's completely botanical and safe for use on the entire body, something most waxes can’t say for themselves. And don't worry about getting infections or getting gross bacteria-breeding wax all over you; Nufree is a self preserving antimicrobial, so it's clean and germ-free. After having the hair removed, an  antiseptic lotion called Finipil was applied. It cooled down my skin and killed 99.99 percent of bacteria. When used daily, it keeps your hair follicles clean, your skin moisturized and allows you to space out your treatments further apart.

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After my NuFree hair removal session, I didn't see any upcoming hair for weeks — something I could only dream about with shaving, and had seen much sooner with other removal methods.

Prefer eco-friendly buys? If you're anything like me, you prefer to use items with no animal products and have not been tested on animals — another aspect that NuFree gets an A+ in.

So, should you go botanical for your summer hair removal session? If you want smooth, bump-free, healthy skin that you can feel great about, then the answer to choosing NuFree is "absolutely, yes."