Ladies, It's Time To Ditch Your Brazilian Wax

Next Generation In Brazilian & Bikini Waxing

When my editor asked me to try a new hair removal method, I was pumped. As a beauty writer, I'm always looking to test out new products and services.

When asked what part of my body I planned on making smooth, I volunteered my lady business, despite never having had a wax down there. Many of my friends get Brazilian waxes and swear by them, but because I have sensitive skin, I've been hesitant to try one. I had heard horror stories about wax burning or ripping friends' skin down below, and well... enough said. After reading about the Nufree system, however, I decided to put my money where my bikini line is and try it out.

Nufree is a hair-removal system similar to waxing except it doesn't contain any wax, honey or sugar and is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which sounded perfect for my sensitive skin. Plus, the company doesn't test on animals, which is a bonus because I try to only use beauty products that are animal-friendly.

Still, being a bikini-waxing virgin, I was nervous as I walked into the Massage Therapy Center in LA for my appointment. Both the receptionists and my esthetician, Brigitte, put me at ease. I voiced my concern about what often happens when I remove hair from any part of my body since I have a type of psoriasis that does not appreciate hair removal; typically, I get bumps and redness that last for a couple days, if not longer. Brigitte informed me that indeed Nufree works well for those with sensitive skin, and as she spread the warm product on me, I began to relax a bit.

Now, have I mentioned I was terrified of the pain? In addition to fearing the repercussions for my sensitive skin, I had heard how much a bikini wax hurts, especially when it's your first time. I won't lie: Each strip caused me to flinch a bit, but any time a hair follicle is being extracted, it's not going to feel great! It got easier after the first few strips, and I found I was calm enough to have a conversation with Brigitte and actually enjoy each warm application of Nufree.

And then, before I knew it, it was over. Brigitte told me to get up and check it out in the mirror. It looked—and still looks—wonderful. More importantly, it didn't hurt at all afterward. Given my ridiculously irritable skin, I assumed I'd soon be looking like a plucked chicken with bright red skin and raised bumps. But that didn't happen, and I didn't feel raw or itchy either. Even as I write this a week later, I don't have any ingrown hairs and still look very smooth, so I have to admit: I'm impressed. Nufree gets two sensitive-skin thumbs up from me!

Brought to you in collaboration with Nufree