19 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Most Definitely Metrosexual

Is your shaving cream can empty again?

young urban man Alones / Shutterstock

He's handsome, charming and always dressed to the nines. He has smooth, exfoliated skin (thanks to those weekly facials) and an artfully messy faux hawk (thanks to gallons of hair gel). Not to mention he can move like Jagger.

Sound a little too familiar? Your boyfriend just might be metrosexual.

1. Ok, bragging time: As a well-groomed, well-mannered metro dude, your boyfriend is pretty much an Adonis.


2. Unfortunately, he knows that too.

3. And he stares in front of the mirror. Every. Morning.

4. And he dances out of the shower.

5. More than once, you've wondered what happened to all of your shaving cream.

6. But God help you if you use an ounce of his hair gel.

7. There was also that time he got a little crazy with the self-tanner.

8. And then that other time he got even crazier with teeth whitener.

9. But at least he's a meticulous dresser!

10. So much that he's he's been mistaken for a Ralph Lauren model — something he's not afraid to remind you (or all his Facebook friends) about.

11. Occasionally, he judges you for your fashion choices.


12. His bros come over and you breathe a mental sigh of relief, thinking, "Great, he could use some guy time." But before they head out ...

13. When the two of you hit the clubs, he can cut up the dancefloor.

14. He knows how to throw a swanky soiree. (Just ask him about his wine collection.)

15. When you ask him to do chores around the apartment ... this happens.

16. While he looks great fixing your car, he has absolutely no idea what he's doing.


17. But he'll be the first person to tell you when it's not clean enough.

18. Still, for all that drives you crazy about him.

19. You can't deny it: you love waking up next to that (freshly exfoliated) face in the morning.