10 Genius Wedding Trends Inspired By The Internet

How Skype, Pinterest and hashtags are making their way into your big day.

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You said "yes" to the dress, you confirmed the final guest count with the caterer, you're all packed for the honeymoon — so now what? Deciding on your wedding's hashtag of course. How else would everyone follow along?

Sure, technology has greatly affected the dating game, but let's not forget it's huge impact on saying "I do." From planning the wedding (Pinterest boards, we're looking at you) to tear-jerking toasts given via Skype, the internet has made the big day a collaborative, shareable and sometimes even viral event.


Below, we countdown some of the biggest trends hitting the altar.

1. Giving Your Wedding A Hashtag 
Couples are encouraging guests to take lot of photos at the wedding and and post them on Instagram using a hashtag that's unique to the celebration. People not at the wedding can follow along picture by picture, and they'll all be archived forever on social media.

2. 'You're Not Invited' Alerts 
The Today Show recently did a segment on these hurtful yet handy little announcements, and it seems like they're going viral. If a couple doesn't have enough room in their budget to accommodate everyone, they have taken to alerting the less fortunate — who will inevitably become privy to the wedding via social media — through the simple click of an email.


3. Pinterest Wedding Activity Boards 
All brides are basically addicted to Pinterest in the midst of wedding planning, which is why it makes sense that Pinterest is now becoming a part of the welcome package for guests when they check in for the big day. Instead of traditional welcome letters, the couple are creating a Pinterest board with things to do, eat, and see in the city where they're getting married.

4. Wedding Webcasts
So, great Aunt Dolores can't attend your wedding because she lives in Montana? Enter the wedding webcast, where far-flung relatives and friends can watch your wedding as it unfolds in real time. For under $1,000, couples can turn their wedding into a live broadcast available on the internet for anyone and everyone to witness.

6. Foregoing Invitations In Favor Of A Facebook Event Page
 This might not work if you're a stickler for tradition, but it's definitely effective in today's social media-captivated society. A Facebook event page saves money, time, and a whole lot of frustration over whether or not the bride received all the RSVPs by mail.

7. Skype Toasts
What's better than a sentimental and witty toast? A sentimental and witty toast over Skype. For family and friends who can't attend due to distance but are still looking to surprise the couple or make up for their absence, Skype is their app of choice. Well-wishers are able to get a glimpse of the atmosphere and the couple gets to enjoy a heartfelt speech rather than a few lines in an email. Cheers all around. 


8. Bridesmaid Surveys
No one wants an unhappy bridesmaid, and brides might finally be getting the hint. Creating online surveys for bridesmaids takes the hassle out of deciding on a dress that flatters everyone. Bridesmaids can select which color palette and dress style they like on using survey platform sites, such as surveymonkey.com, so no one gets stuck in the classic banana dress.

9. Honeymoon e-funds
If you can register for a toaster, why can't you register something you definitely have never had before: a honeymoon? Traditionally, guests who don't want to select a gift might offer a monetary present instead, but now they can know exactly what their money is going toward via a simple and safe online transaction using a site like Honeyfund.com.

10. Ungplugged Weddings
And then there are those who love to buck the trend by doing the exact opposite. In the case, by opposite we mean "unplugged weddings." Couples want their guests to be fully present in the moment, which is why they're asking that all phones and cameras be turned off at the wedding and reception while the photographer and videographer capture the special moments. Amen to that!

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