6 Ways Technology Has TOTALLY Changed The Dating Game (In GIFs)

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dating in gifs

Behold, the wonders of the Internet — changing your love life one social network, dating site and app at a time. Communicating with partners is more instant than ever before — but possibly also more complicated.

According to our recent Dating In The Digital Age survey, 75% of you have experienced lovers' quarrels caused by miscommunications through technology. Sound familiar?

Even how we share news about our love lives has been greatly altered from our new devices. Just signing onto Facebook, you can find out an acquaintance from middle school is engaged or your 15-year-old cousin is newly single.

Take a peek at just how technology has revolutionized your relationships, from how we meet people to how we tell the world we're getting hitched.

1. Flirting

Then: You actually had to leave the house.


Now: A hot date is just a click away.


2. Hearing From Your Crush

Then: After a few months of waiting, you'd finally get a response from a deeply personal love letter you mailed him.


Now: He'll respond to your message a few seconds later, possibly via SnapChat.


3. Getting Ready For A First Date

Then: You'd freshen up in the bathroom in front of the mirror.


Now: Selfies are new way to check yourself out — and so are the friends you send them to.


4. Talking To A Cute Guy

Then: You had to muster up the courage to make small talk ... can you imagine?


Now: You text him things like...


5. Realizing The Guy You're Seeing Is Also Seeing Someone Else:

Then: "I'll never find another man like that."


Now: You realize you have 10 new matches on Tinder.

6. Letting The World Know You're Engaged

Then: They'd read about it in the newspaper a few weeks after he proposes.


Now: Your ring's on Instagram (with hundreds of comments) before you've even said "yes."