Exclusive! 'My 20 Tips For Fellow Single Moms' By Kelly Bensimon

Parenting: Kelly Bensimon's 20 Tips For Single Moms

The model turned mom turned reality star dishes on what it's like being a single parent.

Parenting is never easy—especially if you're a single mom. And no one knows this better than former New York Housewife and author Kelly Bensimon. After divorcing her husband of ten years—famous French photographer Gilles Bensimon—the mother of two daughters has been juggling her career, including writing her recently published book In the Spirit of the Hamptons. Here, Kelly pens her advice for single mothers trying to balance it all with style and grace.

Be open to possibility. As your children grow and explore new adventures, don't be shy and be open to new adventures, too. Maybe even try something with them. You never know what you're good at.

Share experiences. My daughter took some pictures of the Hamptons that were so magnificent that I put them in my relaunch of my Hamptons book, In the Spirit of the Hamptons.

Exercise. I know it sounds typical, but a healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind. Single moms have a lot on their plate, and they need energy and focus. Exercise helps.

Write it down. Is something so beautiful you don't want to forget it? Write it down. The same goes for that which hurts you; write it down and throw it away.

Green juice. Caesar salad is not green, sorry. Try to eat greens or drink a green juice every day. It keeps you functioning, and your skin and hair beautiful.

Keep up your hygiene. If you take care of yourself, you'll look and feel better. You are your best advocate. Make sure you show off how awesome you are, even if you are going to the market. Brush that hair, and keep those nails neat and short.

Dress for the job you want. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, dress like the woman of the house you are. Be proud, you have done a lot.

Don't befriend your children. It's easy to want to be there for your child, but they really need a listening ear and boundaries.

Respect yourself. Give yourself a night to go out with your friends, but always maintain self respect, even if you want to get a little tipsy, don't go overboard. A drunk mother is a drunk mother, the same goes for a father. We create our own memories. Keep reading...

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