How Do You Know That You're In A Healthy Relationship?

We tend to fall in love without thinking. After all, isn't that what love is all about: thinking with your head over your heart? So if love is blind, how can you see when your relationship is less than healthy?

Fortunately, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman is here to open your eyes with the help of YourTango Experts Richard Drobnick, Lesli Doares, Paula Bisacre and Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, so you can know the health of your relationship. One of the most common, tell-tale signs of an unhealthy relationship is that you can't be yourself around your partner.

"If you're self-editing, then that's not healthy," Doares says. "It's valuing the differences and understanding how to make them work for you."

But that's just one red flag. Want to learn more? Check out the video above!