10 Squee-Worthy Babies And The Dogs That Love Them

These dogs are like built-in babysitters!

videos: babies and dogs

Some people have furry babies. Some people have real babies. But if you're really lucky, you might have both! These 10 adorable dogs and babies love each other like brother and sister.

1. And the most patient dog of the year is ... Dude!

2. Awww! Missy watches over the baby while he sleeps.


3. This husky's teaching the baby to talk.

4. With a dog like Sadie, who needs baby wipes?


5. Babies turn this tough Rottweiler into mush.

6. Here's a tough one: Who's cuter?


7. Bear's a big brother and a toy all in one!

8. This little boy loves his big doggie.


9. Oh no! The baby's crying. Give her a dog biscuit.

10. These two are inseperable—even during bath time.