How To Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom

YourTango Expert Moushumi Ghose tells it straight how to get what you want ... and how you want it.

couple caressing

You know what you want in bed—a crazy new sex position, a toy, an erotic massage technique—and you crave it between the sheets but you feel a little awkward telling your partner. So how do you get what you want without having to ask? The only way that guys can figure out what women want in the bedroom is by talking things out. So ladies, you have to help him out here and let him know what's really going on.

Marriage therapist and YourTango Expert Moushumi Ghose says that your partner can never fulfill your deepest desires until you show him. "Even though we've heard it million times that our partners aren't mindreaders," she says, "There's still this certain side of us that thinks our partners should know what we're thinking and what we're feeling and what we like." She offers her own seductive tricks on how to show (and not tell) what you want between the sheets. Try showing the person what you like. Either use your own body, his body, or even a teddy bear. If you share something chances are that he has something he would like to share. With something really out there you should go slowly. Do not just throw everything out there; all it will do is scare your partner. Go bit by bit and it will allow you to share your fantasies with your partner efficiently. Go further together with more sparks at