4 Irritating Questions You Should Never Ask A Guy

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4 Irritating Questions You Should Never Ask A Guy

Communication is crucial in a healthy relationship, and most guys are game to answer any questions you may have.

However, there are some questions to never ask a guy.

Not only do men never want to hear these questions come out of a woman's mouth, but they may inadvertently sabotage your chances of forming a relationship with him.

So, to avoid sabotaging any chances of a future with a guy, never ask him these 4 irritating questions.

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1. "Do you think I'm fat?"

Men despise this question.

First of all, there's no clear way for him to answer correctly. If he says "no," the woman might accuse him of lying, but if he answers with brutal honesty and says, "No, but you could lay off the ice cream," it will only hurt her feelings. 

Men are attracted to confident women, and questions like these make you look needy and insecure.

2. "What was your ex like?"

Before you ask this question, consider what your motives are.

Are you trying to get insight into what kind of women he's attracted to? Are you just nosy and curious? Are you jealous that he's been in love before? 

Now that you've answered the why, consider this: does it really matter? If he's not with her and he's with you, what more do you need to know?

Questions like this only make you look insecure. That relationship didn't work out for a reason, so don't give him a reason to look back. 

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3. "Will you call me when you get there... and text me when you're leaving... and call me before you go to sleep?"

Guys love to call and text their girlfriends, but only when they want to. Not because they feel like they have to. 

When a guy feels like he has to call you and "check in" with his every move, he will slowly start resenting you more and more each time he picks up the phone.

His hourly phone calls might make you feel secure, but wouldn't you enjoy the attention more if you gave your guy the license to make his own choices about how to let you know that you're important and that he's thinking about you? 

It will feel a lot better when you know it's coming from a place of love, rather than him simply doing it because he has to.

4. "Where do you see us in ten years?"

Most men don't have 20-year plans for their relationships. They live in the moment and enjoy every second they get to spend with the woman they care about. 

That's not to say that they don't want long-term things or have goals, but if a guy is committed to you now, he isn't thinking about ten years down the road. Most likely, he's happy with how things are going and just wants it to continue.

Sometimes women who are insecure will ask questions like this in an attempt to get a guy to say that marriage, kids, or buying a home are in their future.

If you feel insecure in your relationship, it's definitely fair to bring it up, but don't try to trap your man into the next ten years when you've only been dating for six months by using these questions.

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