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Weird News: Dad Of 49 Kids Arrested On Sex Assault Suspicion

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The Daily Mail is reporting that a man who has both the time and the disposition to fill plastic cups (amongst other things) with semen so that women may foist his offspring upon the world has been arrested for allegations of sexual assault. Maybe he prefers to make things happen the old fashioned-way, like caveman old-fashioned.

The man, a Professor Gennadij Raivich, who is said to have fathered 49 children through sperm donation, has been bailed out of jail on what is called "sexual assault by penetration." Given the heinous nature of the alleged crime, details are incredibly murky but one of the three accusing women was believed to be pregnant with Raivich's child. And at least one source listed all three women as clients, which may have led to the situation(s). Only time will tell how if there was some incredible misunderstanding involved with these abusive relationships10 Run-As-Fast-As-You-Can Signs Of Abuse In A Relationship

Professor Raivich's backstory is an interesting one. As a self-described Ashkenasi, he was raised in New Zealand and then immigrated to England a dozen years ago (back in 2001). The neuroscientist has since offered his procreation services via unlicensed donor sites to "a lesbian couple, hetero couple or someone single." Due to fear of accidental (half) incest (not to mention more socio-economic problems), the UK limits donations to ten families but it's possible some of Raivich's progeny were fathered outside of those national boundaries.

Raivich's stated rationale for the donations is that he is interested in bring the joy of children into the lives of families who cannot afford or have had no luck with the traditional and expensive non-traditional methods of conception. He only asks for travel reimbursement in return for his stud services. You'd guess that such a prodigious donor of sperm would be afflicted with some combination of altruism and megalomania.

Though we can question his methods and motivation, it's hard to argue with his eugenic-y marketing material: "Lookwise I have black hair and green eyes, but am heterozygote for child blonde hair and blue eyes — approx half the children look that way."

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