Going To The Boneyard?! 10 Wacky Nicknames For Sex

couple having sex

Bing, smash, making clouds and rain, and more sex slang you need to start using now.

Sex slang is everywhere, from the code words we use to hide it from others to the creative phrases we text our partner to get them in the mood.

We asked you to tweet us your favorite sex nicknames — and we can't stop laughing at the ridiculous phrases, superheros and even the sounds that you guys use to signify sex.

Have one that's better? There's still time to enter it into our sex nickname challenge for the chance to win $50. Just tweet it and include #YourTangoNookie and yourtango.com/sex in your entry.

See some of our favorite entries below.

1. "Slap bellies" — HowAboutWe Date Report Team

2. "We like to do the humpty bumpty in our house." — @CliticalJenne

3. "The plumber layin' da pipe" — @MEDIA_MINX

4. "Smash is one of my personal favorites." — College Candy

5. "Making clouds and rain" — @JanaRuss

6. "We call it "ush ush!" as in the sound of making love — @jeevonkay

7. "Bing" — @Byrdy1999

8. "Thor" — @HockeyDad2006

9. "Hammer time" — @DeLovely

10. "Going to the boneyard" — The Frisky

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