10 Animal Moms Who Love Their Babies

Dog and puppy

This time of year, everybody's got babies on the brain! But we're not just talking about humans. These 10 animal moms have their paws — and hearts — full with their own little bundles of joy. Lions and tigers and bears, oh baby!

1. And you thought your kiddo was getting too big for a piggyback ride!

2. Sometimes even lion cubs have to get tricked into taking a bath.

3. Ha! This baby panda scares her mom with a sneeze.

4. Just try not to say "Aww!" while watching this mama and baby giraffe. (It's impossible.)

5. It's a full-time job feeding these baby hedgehogs.

6. We admire how this mom keeps all her ducklings in a row.

7. This cat makes it all better when her kitten has a bad dream.

8. Hey, mama. Some bunny's hungry.

9. Some moms teach their kids to cook. This raccoon mom teaches hers about takeout!

10. "Hey mom, watch what I can do!"