Luxurious Weddings For Two: No Guests, Lots Of Problems

sunset wedding

I'd imagine this is what a wedding for two would look like …

You know that scene in Beauty And The Beast where Belle meets the Beast for a romantic date-night at the entrance to the grandiose, gilded ballroom of the castle? They glide across the dancefloor without interruption (except maybe the turned-to-life silverware creepily watching them). It's dreamy and magical and the perfect picture of romance, right? Imagine that to be your wedding. No guests. Just you, your groom and a $50,000 bill. Is reality setting in yet? Time to wake up.

Is this stupid? I think yes.

Still, more couples are opting for a wedding-for-two. That is, a pre-planned elopement where the bride and groom say "I do" in a luxurious, private wedding ceremony.

As a bride-to-be myself, I can understand the pressures of planning a wedding. I just want my wedding day to be about marrying my best friend. That seems romantic enough without all of the over-the-top details … the five-tiered cake, the dozens of thank-you notes to hand-write and the inevitable headache I'll get once I take a look at my bank statement. There are days when you just want to say, "whatever" to the details.

Who cares if the cake flavor is chocolate almond or mocha buttercream? Who cares if your second cousin doesn't want to sit at the same table as your aunt? And as for the random relatives your mother insists that you invite (but haven't seen in ten years), do you really want to look out into the audience and say to yourself, "Who are these people?"

But why waste all that money on a wedding that no one will ever see? As a couple, think of all the family and friends who could be a part of your day. If you're going to hand over thousands of your hard-earned cash, isn't that money better spent to start your newly married life together? Why not put it down as a deposit on a new house or condo? Or heck, live the vacation of your dreams on a $50,000 honeymoon?

Weddings are meant for the two of you, yes. But at its simplest, weddings are meant to celebrate the love you share with another human being. Invite your family and friends. And if you don't, save your money and tie the knot at city hall.

What do you think about about weddings for two?

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