Weird News: Wanna Be Happy? Have Sex For 106 Minutes A Day

You should be having three times as much sex as work, according to science.

couple having sex

We used to just have intercourse for making babies. Then, it must have been at least three or four years ago, we discovered it felt really good AND made you sort of like the person you were trying it with. Before that life was work, work, work. It turns out that even though we're more enlightened about the benefits of sex, we're still not likely doing it enough.

Per Quartz (based on a report from ScienceDirect), the optimal ratio for having a great day is 106 minutes of sex per 36 minutes of work. While it seems like this could very easily be filed away under "Duh, Science," the authors took into account the old law of diminishing returns even in something pleasurable. The authors, Christian Kroll of Jacobs University in Germany and Sebastian Pokutta of Georgia Tech, use a technique called the Day Reconstruction Method to focus on the pleasure derived from each of our daily activities. They then extrapolated the results over a 16-hour day. My experience with both Georgia Tech and Germany makes me wonder if sexual repression doesn't sometimes lead to strikingly obvious discoveries.


Frankly, the results make me realize what a genius Tim Ferriss is. If you couple his Four-Hour Work Week (self-explanatory) with the 15-minute orgasm concepts from his Four-Hour Body, we are rapidly approaching these numbers provided we get busy 4 and 1/3 times a day and toilth on the Sabbath. Those of us who are able to answer emails while we have sex are probably way ahead of the game.

If we are all going to optimally happy, we'll have to employ a number of robots in the industry of genital salve and replacement skin and just pray that they don't kill us with their strong, metal claws.

Good luck striking the new work-life balance to anyone who is not Sting.


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