5 Rules To Keep Technology From Ruining Your Relationship

technology in relationships

The idea that technology has changed the way we connect in our relationships is nothing new.

And while you may think that thumbing through a game on your iPhone or checking into FourSquare on a dinner date is perfectly innocent, new research suggests otherwise. In an article recently published in The New York Times, writer and researcher, Barbara L. Fredrickson explains how our technological habits can take a measurable toll on our relationships.

With this new research in mind, our friends at The Stir offer helpful rules to follow so that technology doesn't ruin your romantic relationship. Kristen Chase writes: "A few months ago, I found myself a little too attached to my iPhone, not to mention my laptop, which to be fair I need for work, but also for entertainment. So I instituted some rules to help me keep my usage in check." She suggests five ways to keep your technology use in check, so that it doesn't affect your love life!

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