'Bachelor' Winner: Sean Lowe Proposes To Catherine Giudici

It's official: Just like their courtship, the wedding will be on TV.

'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici

And then there was one! After a full two hours of indecision and quite a few heart-wrenching moments—Lindsay, Catherine and Sean all shed tears!—Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici with a Neil Lane stunner and gave her the final rose. The giddy and newly-engaged couple then rode off into their sunset on an elephant (great Thailand touch there, producers!).

However, there's another Bachelor surprise on the horizon: Commercials during the show for Good Morning America teased Sean's guest appearance tomorrow morning and a big announcement. Our hunch? Those rumors that Sean's joining Dancing with the Stars are true. But before we move on to dancing, here are our top moments from tonight's finale and "After the Final Rose" special.


Top Three Finale Moments:

Sean's nephew's call out: When Sean's family arrives in Thailand, not ten minutes into the show, his three-year-old nephew yelled, "Emily didn't pick you!" and proceeds to laugh in Sean's face about it. Kids say the darndest things, right?

Sean's scene-stealing dad: With his honesty, warmth and sense of humor, Sean's dad, Jay, became an immediate fan-favorite during the first hour of the show. He brought tears to Catherine and Lindsay's eyes, and the Twittersphere ignited with people calling for him to be the next Bachelor. Since he's already a happily married man, his fans will have to settle for seeing him again at the wedding. More on that below!


Lindsay's goodbye: Any Bachelor fan has seen many a rejection/goodbye, but we've never seen one quite as funny as Lindsay's. After Sean told her he loved her, but loved Catherine more, Lindsay said, "Well, I'm gonna go, because this is really, really painful, and I can't imagine my life without you." And then she took off her heels, because Sean was no longer worth that kind of pain.

Top Three "After the Final Rose" Moments:

Sean and Catherine's tearful, genuine love: The couple seem over-the-moon to be together, and they both teared up watching their proposal for the first time. They shared that Catherine's bags are packed, ready to move to Dallas.

The big announcement: Following in the footsteps of Jason and Molly Mesnick and Ashley and JP Rosenbaum, Sean and Catherine's wedding will be televised on ABC. There is no date yet, but it's coming soon!


The second big announcement: Desiree Hartsock is the next Bachelorette! America's newest sweetheart was her charming, beautiful self as she came out on stage for the big reveal, and will begin filming her season as soon as next week. It will premiere on May 20, so get ready to live tweet with us throughout the season @YourTango.

Photo: ABC