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Surprising New Facts About Whitney Houston's Love Life

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

There's so much we never knew about Whitney Houston's rollercoaster life.

Just a little more than a year after her tragic and sudden death, tales of wild sexual escapades with costars, once confidential FBI files investigating crazed fans, and a touching note from her grieving daughter have brought the late singer back into the headlines.

Actor Ricky Schroder spoke of his intimate relationship with a teenage Houston, which included a make-out session, during Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo.

In the quick question-and-answer segment "Plead the Fifth," Cohen asked Schroder to "name one female celebrity that we would be surprised to hear that you made out with." His answer was the chart-topping singer, who at 18, was a guest-star of Schroder's 1980s hit TV show Silver Spoons.

"She was really hot then," he said, adding that he was about 15 and that it was "a one-time thing."

Giving us a peek into the dark side of Houston's fame, the FBI posted to their website documents, letters and details of multiple investigations in attempts to protect the troubled singer.

More than two decades ago, a man in Vermont warned that he "might hurt someone with some crazy idea" if Houston continued to ignore him.

She also requested the FBI investigate a fan in Holland, claiming to be the "President of Europe," who had sent cassette recordings and letters "of a threatening nature" to the singer.

And in 1992, just months after Houston married singer Bobby Brown, the FBI looked into someone who demanded $250,000 or else they would reveal "intimate details regarding Whitney Houston's romantic relationships."

None of these cases led to criminal charges.

As these highs and lows to Houston's rocky life are coming to light this week, her daughter (who just turned 20) is focusing on the mother she misses so much. Bobbi Kristina sent a message to her late mother via Instagram on her recent birthday. "I pray I'm growing into the phenomenal woman you always knew I'd be mommy, I love you & miss you immensely & I always will," Bobbi Kristina wrote in a caption to a picture of herself smiling. "YOUaremyHEART • YOUaremyLIFE • YOUaremyEVERYTHING • YOUaremyMOTIVATION • YOUareME • IamYOU. WEareONE • forever&always • iLoveyouMYlady •• xO."

What do you make of these scandalous details about the late legendary singer?

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