10 Tips for Finding Love At Walmart

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A new study says Walmart is the place to find love. Here's how to score a date at the megastore.

If you feel like your soulmate keeps passing you by, try shopping at Walmart; a surprising new study suggests the love of your life might be there!

According to the study of "missed connection" posts on Craigslist, Walmart was found to be the most popular place for people to find love. The findings stretched across 15 states, as people thought they may have met their future spouse at a Walmart more than anywhere else.

We're thinking that the next time you rush in to pick up a few things at the megastore, slow down and take note of the potential dates shopping alongside to you — and you may even want to give that cute cashier a second glance too.

We've uncovered ten different ways categorized by department to help you to meet your match at Wal-Mart. And if you do find love in the aisles of Wal-Mart, whether it’s shopping for patio furniture or rushing through checkout … don't worry, you can thank us with an invite to your retail-themed wedding.

1. The Store Entrance
In a mad five-minute dash at the front of the store, you've grabbed more off the shelves than you probably could handle. Now, you're wandering around with your arms full of groceries and a helpless look on your face, looking for a cart or a basket. You could ask an associate standing guard at the door to help you … but let's be real here: a pair of strong, manly arms belonging to a good-looking guy would be extra helpful and probably preferable.

2. The Hair Salon
Next time you're in need of a haircut, stop by SmartStyle Family Hair Salon in Wal-Mart and while you're getting a touch-up to your luscious locks, ask your hairdresser if she's seen any cute, single guys stop in for a trim lately. Who knows? She might be able to play matchmaker for the two of you.

3. The Card Department
Say, you caught the smoldering gaze of a hot stranger while looking for a cheap, but cute anniversary card for your parents in the card section … how do you know if they're single or (sadly) taken? Slide up beside them and ask him, "Do you have a girlfriend? Would she think this is a cheesy card?" Hopefully, the answer is no. Otherwise, it may be time to head to the Home department.

4. The Home Department
You came into the department looking to buy a new coffee table … but then you realized you could use a new lamp, and that your rug was looking a little ragged lately … and, of course, you never have enough throw pillows. Before you know it, you hardly have enough room in your carriage for that coffee table. Why not ask the dashing looking stranger in the aisle next to you for a hand? Keep Reading ...

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