Is Infidelity The New Miracle Diet?

A new survey reveals unfaithful men and women are dropping pounds.


We all know fad diets, weight loss pills and fat-burning underwear don't help us shed pounds. But what does aid weight loss? Turns out, committing adultery could be the secret to a shrinking waistline.

According to a new survey from, cheating men lost an average of 6 pounds, while women claim to have lost about 10 pounds.

While we're not suggesting you commit adultery to drop those last few pounds, it is a reminder of what having an affair can do to your body. Researchers explain that the stress and excitement of having an affair produces hormones which may aid weight loss.


"You produce adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, your heart rate goes up, your breathe faster, your blood pressure rises and levels of serotonin are increased. All this can burn calories," said Craig Jackson, Professor of Psychology at Birmingham City University.

Additionally, the idea of being with a new lover can encourage people to get in shape, which may also explain the weight loss.

But there's a downside to the adulterous diet (well, there are many). Previous research from the University of Florence found adulterous men have increased risk of a heart attack.

Don't forget the benefits of being in a healthy relationship — they outweigh losing 6-10 pounds any day. 


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