Ladies, Here's How To Feel Sexy At Any Age

For all of the ladies out there that have trouble accepting their age, this one's for you. You should never feel less confident in your beauty just because you're getting older. After all, there's a reason why the adage "Age is nothing but a number" is so popular! By practicing self love, you'll come to see that the older you get, the more beautiful you become.

Hearing life coach Sherri Nickols' expert advice on how to ignore harsh judgments and fall back in love with yourself reminds us why we should all accept ourselves for who we are. When clients approach her for advice, Sherri suggests that they ask themselves two questions: First, "What is my relationship with myself?" Do you make daily choices that show how valuable you are? Or do you give away everything you are in order to gain acceptance or love? You have to reflect on these questions to gain value on your true self. After doing this you will truly find out how beautiful and amazing you are and will love yourself more for it. No matter how old you are still sexy and deserve to be treated as such. The only way you can feel as if you are not sexy is if you do not have confidence in yourself. Without that confidence people will shrug you to the side as if you are not as great as you actually are. Because you're sexy!

Want to learn the other question? Check out the video above!