Girls, Here's How To Keep Him Interested


When it comes to the dating field, it can sometimes be hard to find a guy who wants to same things that you do. The worst part is falling head over heels for a guy, only for him to turn around and change his mind. Seriously, is the chase the most important thing for men? Trying to figure out why men lose interest just when you start acting interested in them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Recently, one of our readers actually mentioned her struggles on not knowing how to keep him interested without scaring him off:  "I seem to be in a pattern where men heavily pursue me until I become interested. But when I start getting close after a few dates, they disappear. What is going on?" 

We couldn't wait to hear dating coach Annie Gleason explain why men sometimes disappear once the chase seems to be over. She says that the pursuit for many men is about a goal and not necessarily a relationship. He may be interested in the process and take his time to get interested when you think there is already a full-fledged relationship. Avoid pursuing him and just take your time. First off you should not bring up the relationship question unless you have been dating for at least three months. Give him time to think about it. Also remember that if you do bring it up there is a chance that he might say no. Let him know how you are feeling, tell him that he is the only one you are having fun with when you go out on dates. You also have to give him a chances to think and respond to what you said.

Want to learn more? Check out the video above!