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4 Genius Apps To Score You Brownie Points With Your Boyfriend

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Sigh. If only mobile apps could help improve your relationship, bring you closer to your partner, fire up your sex life and stave off fights. Wait ... they can! We road-tested four of the newest apps — one developed by K-Y Brand — and found that technology can not only help you find love, but help you enhance it, too!

Whether it's surprising him with that little something that's been on his wish list for ages or just showing him that yes, of course you remember what his favorite movie genre is, these four genius apps are bound to give your relationship that little kick in the pants we could all use from time to time — and score you major brownie points in the process. (His turn!)

TWO by K-Y: The "You Know Me So Well!" App

Did you know your boyfriend loves deep tissue massages and that he might be into outdoor sex (if the setting is right) but definitely doesn't like going to those wine bars you keep dragging him to because he doesn't even like wine? Or bars? And he's just doing it for you? Now you know! K-Y Brand has released a brand new app, TWO by K-Y, that quizzes you and your partner, individually, about your date activity preferences, your hidden fantasies and more. Then it syncs up your choices and brainstorms date night ideas that are custom-designed for just you two. Our favorite part is the "peek" function, which gives you a little glimpse into the crazy scenarios that you said, "no way!" to but he responded, "yeah, totally." Who have you been sleeping with all this time??

Avocado: The "How Did You Know I Was In The Mood For That?" App 

Ugh! Isn't it annoying when you get home from the supermarket and realize you picked up lime-flavored tortilla chips when he specifically said he hates those weird tortilla chips that kind of taste lime-ish, just get the regular ones, please? Grocery mishaps are a bummer for everyone involved. Enter Avocado, a new app that lets you and your partner sync up your grocery lists, so when you find yourself making a quick supermarket run, you can also make his day by grabbing his favorite snacks and, of course, a few of your own while you're at it. And groceries lists aren't the only thing it lets you share; curate images, maintain your calendars and organize your to-dos, too. Could the cure to all future fights lie in the hands of one mobile app? 

Cupple: The "Let's Take Our Love Offline; No One Understands Anyway" App

Let's say your boyfriend is one of those strange creatures who shuns social media. "I like personal interactions better," says the guy who sends you mushy text messages all day. Or maybe he's simply not into social media PDA (newsflash, neither are the rest of your friends). Cupple provides a timeline platform in which you and your sweetie can exchange status updates, photos, location check-ins, virtual gifts and more. Essentially, the app hosts a private Facebook forum for two. Sure, you can ditch the privacy settings and sync up your activities with actual Facebook, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose, right?

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Kouply: The "It's You And Me Against The World" App

The perfect app for the confident couple that's not ashamed of their awesomeness and doesn't care if you call them smug, Kouply lets you give shout-outs to your partner ("Johnny bought me a YSL bag just because!" you might proudly proclaim) and — when your competitive side kicks in — the app turns into a game platform that lets you compete with other couples and beat one's another scores. The couple that kicks ass together stays together, right? Kouply claims to encourage people to be "grateful and playful," but we're beginning to think we might have a real-life Hunger Games on our hands soon. How romantic!

Which apps have you and your sweetie been addicted to lately?

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