Healthy Body Image: Is An Overweight-Only Gym The Answer?

people working out at a gym

A new exclusive health club provides much more than fitness.

Walking into most gyms, it's hard to ignore the ads filled with ultra-fit bodies as they attempt scare you about overeating during the holiday season or not looking perfect in your bathing suit.

I've belonged to a gym since I was 15. Maybe it's seeing people effortlessly use machines I don't know a thing about or watching so many people in great shape, but I've always found myself preferring the gym over working out at home or outside. Even through this "inspiration", there's still something discomforting and unattainable about the gym. I often wonder is the motivation you get from the gym actually healthy? 

A trendy new health club popped up in Chicago, Vegas and most recently, Dallas where a lot of this outside distraction doesn't exist. Based off The Biggest Loser, Downsize Fitness offers personalized fitness only for people who are at least 50 pounds overweight. Not only do members work with a trainer every time they go to the health club, but they're also given nutritional guidance and a support team to work with them through the process.

And that guy who always flexes in the mirror? He doesn't exist. All Downsize Fitnesses are mirrorless and have fogged up windows.

Instead of putting the focus on fitting into your skinny jeans, success is measured through achieving personal goals and developing positive attitudes.

Will having an empahsis on you (and not the ripped bodies on the wall) help your self-esteem? I have no doubt.

In fact, I'm diaspointed this gym is exclusive. Plenty of people, whether they're overweight or not, could benefit from practicing a more well-rounded approach to health and being in a more comfortable atmosphere.

Gyms of the world, take note.

What do you think about Downsize Fitness? How does going to the gym affect your body image?

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