What Your Partner Really Wants For Valentines Day

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Hint: it's not a gift!

Though Valentines Day is still more than one month away, I found retailers promoting the holiday on December 26th. Straight from Santa Claus to Cupid without even so much as a Happy New Year in between. Yeesh!

If you're like most of us, you'd like to celebrate the holiday but without all the consumer craze that surrounds it. Sure it's nice to shower a loved one with gifts every once in a while, but that's not the only way to show you care. In fact, when it comes to February 14th, more of us prefer quality time and affection in lieu of lavish gifts.

The makers of Kahnoodle, the couples-focused app that makes your relationship into a game of affection, collected data from the "Love Signs" section of their app. This section collects user-verified indicators of how they prefer to receive love.

Turns out gifts are very low on the list for both genders (fewer than two percent of women prefer them; zero percent of men do). Even more surprising, verbal praise is low on the list for both groups, too: Just 4.9 percent of women and 6.7 percent of men prefer it. So, when planning for Valentines Day, try skipping the lavish presents and long-winded love letters all together.

Instead, take these top-ranking love signs into consideration: Most women (42.7 percent) prefer an affectionate touch, followed by thoughtful acts (24.4 percent) and quality time (17.5 percent). For men, affectionate touch was tops (51.6 percent) followed by, you guessed it, sex (12.5 percent).

Rather than rack your brain trying to figure out the perfect gift for your main squeeze this V Day, why not show your partner how much you really care and plan instead a sexy massage, couples yoga or similar activity that ranks high on the "affectionate touch" scale? 

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