This Just In: Heels Make Women More Attractive

Women in high heels

Here's another reason to covet a larger closet: Our heels are making us hot.

According to a new study in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, women in heels are considered more attractive by both men and women than when wearing flats — even when their faces or bodies can't be seen. 

But, our killer heels aren't just making us feel good (despite how painful they may actually be) and look taller, it's actually changing how we walk.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth say our pumps change our body's movements, including the pelvis, hips, legs, knees, feet and shoulders, to exaggerate femininity.

In one experiment, the average woman walked more quickly, changing from 106 to 110 steps a minutes, but with shorter strides in heels.

So, what's behind the moves in our shoes? Researchers believe that evolution is responsible for the fashion accessory sticking around so long.

"If wearing high heels emphasizes some sex-specific aspects of the female form they may make women more attractive, and one motivation, which may be conscious or unconscious, for wearing heels is that it is part of mate selection," a researcher said.

Could sexy shoes be the key to confidence? May want to dust off your favorite stilettos and give those babies a spin tonight.

Do high heels make you feel more attractive? 

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