Happy Snow Day! 5 Things To Do With Your Blizzard Boyfriend Today

Snowed in? Here's how to fill your day at home with love.


So winter storm Hercules left you stuck at home today? What's there to do? Actually, a whole lot. Grab your sweetheart or the Blizzard BF you snagged on Craigslist and get cozy — these snow day activities will keep the two of you warm.

1. Toasting By An Open Fire
What better opportunity to say "cheers" to the new year than when the two of you are trapped indoors alone together? Grab a couple of your fanciest glasses, put a flame in the fireplace (or at least light a bunch of candles) and whip out the good stuff! Have each of you make a toast saying the things you’re most excited to do together this year, as well as why you're happy that he's the one you're stuck inside with.


2. Adventurous Angels
When was the last time you let your inner kid out and just ran outside, then plopped into the snow without a care in the world? Show him your young-at-heart, wildly sweet side by suggesting a snowball fight or some snow angels. No snow where you are? Take a walk and embrace the fresh air. Afterward, come back indoors for hot, sweet cocoa (preferably spiked with a bit of Bailey’s or even whiskey for added warmth!) and an even hotter shower together.

3. Flurry Of Fantasy
Does your honey have any particular wishes regarding costumes or situations? For example, if he or she has confessed a strong affinity for student/teacher situations, perhaps you could hike up your naughtiest plaid skirt and unbutton a pretty white blouse to achieve the fantasy. When you're home alone and there's nothing likely to disturb your time together, you're more likely to feel confident in taking your time, easing into the sexy roleplay and getting the most satisfaction out of it.


4. All Fun & Games
Looking to reveal your inner child in a less chilly way than going outdoors? Try playing a fun board game together that you both loved during youth, but give it a grown-up wager: whomever wins gets to coordinate any sexy time that evening. If you've always wanted to try a blindfold but were afraid to tell your partner, now could be the time.

5. Old-Fashioned Evening
Are both of you interested in occasionally recreating the old times? Grab a few vintage movies, mix yourselves a couple Manhattans and create a romantic playlist using classics by Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter and any others from eras past that you love. Once you both are good and ever-so-slightly tipsy, dim the lights and have a little dance to your favorite romantic song. I strongly recommend Edith Piaf’s "Hymne à L’Amour."