Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Prove To Be Model Couple, Again

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

This Christmas Eve, super adorable couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone made one very lucky Golden Retriever's dreams come true. The day before Christmas, the cuties finalized their adoption of a two-year-old pooch.

According to E! News, Emma and Andrew first met their pup-to-be when they fostered him in their home for a few weeks. Before that, the dog was reportedly residing in a high-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. When their fostering duration was up, Emma and Andrew decided they couldn't return their little guy to the shelter, so they officially adopted him and named him Ren. Now, Ren, Emma, and Andrew live together.

This isn't the first time this beautiful power couple has used their fame and fortune for good. Earlier this year, while dining at a restaurant, Emma and Andrew noticed that the paparazzi had staked them out, and were waiting for them just outside. Instead of running quickly from their waiting cameras and flashing bulbs, Emma and Andrew decided to take advantage of the attention and situation. So they scribbled a quick note to hold up and bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it:,

Adopting animals and taking advantage of the paparazzi for charity's sake? And being really attractive and happy-seeming? This couple is too much! We want to hate them for being so beautiful and in love, but really, we're happy for them because they deserve it. We hope Ren knows just how lucky of a dog he is.

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