Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Use Fame For Good Cause

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield of 'The Amazing Superman'

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield gave the paparazzi a photo opportunity to remember!

Emma Stone 23, and beau Andrew Garfield, 29 made quite a slick move this weekend. The pair were out on a lunch date, when they spotted that they were being watched. As stars of the Amazing Spiderman, we're sure the two are used to it. However, instead of hiding from the paparazzi's cameras, they decided to show off something they thought was more camera-worthy than themselves.

After lunch, they headed outside holding brown paper bags infront of their faces with this message written on them: "We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in so why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? www.wwo.org, www.gildasclubnyc.org  Have a great day!"

We're thinking they feel that the attention they get is better served in light of the greater good! How Justin Bieber And Other Celebs Are Making Dreams Come True

Garfield is an ambassador to The World Wide Orphans foundation which provides healthcare, mentoring, and education to orphaned children. Gilda's Club supports people who are fighting cancer which is close to home to Garfield's girlfriend Emma Stone. Stone's mom is a triple negative breast cancer survivor. Stone recently told USA Today that watching her mom battle cancer brought clarity, she said,"Because I realized all you have is the present."

On Saturday, Stone and beau Garfield took the present and paid it forward with a very thoughtful and thought provoking paparazzi campaign. The paparazzi are going to be there, and we've got to say that we are more than impressed with the couple making the best of their fame.

Tell us: what other stars could really take advantage of the camera time?

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