8 Pets Working Out


Did you make a resolution to get fit in 2013? Welcome to the club. It's easy to say you want to be healthier, but it's much harder to keep up the momentum. Exercising with a buddy is one way to stay on track. And who says that buddy has to be a person? These active pets inspire us to keep breaking a sweat. Laughter's not a bad workout, either.

1) Snakes on a plane? Try cats on a treadmill.

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2) Namaste, yoga kitty.

3) The gym isn't for everyone. This dog prefers ballroom dancing.

4) Lucky cat, she's got a personal trainer.

5) Now that's an impressive doggie paddle!

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6) "Am I using this right? I don't feel the burn."

7) This Lassie look-alike does a great downward dog.

8) What a workout! Time for a massage.