Jealous Of A Friend's Relationship? You're Not Alone

Don't let the green monster take over; channel all that energy into your own life instead.

jealous of a relationship

Envy is a natural emotion. Few among us can say we've never felt jealous of someone else's good fortune in any area of life, but specifically love

When you're single, it can be hard to sit across from a pair of lovebirds without feeling the need to force a smile while stifling a gag. This applies even to the most confident and independent among us. Jealousy over a friend's love life can inevitably lead a host of other undesirable emotions: self-pity, guilt and even hopelessness. You know you should be happy for your friend and simply focus on finding a love of your own, assuming that's what you want. Unfortunately, it's not that easy.


A reader over at TresSugar has written in about her secret envy of a friend's relationship that's bringing her down; her fellow readers have weighed in with advice ranging from tough love to encouragement. If you're involved in a relationship jealousy scenario, pick yourself up by your boot straps and click over now for some free therapy: I Can't Help Feeling Jealous

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