I'm In A Relationship, So Why Do I Feel So Alone?


Some abandonment issues can't be overcome ... even by the best relationships.

Having abandonment issues is something many people tend to deal with their whole lives. This can be caused by a parent leaving you at a very young age, or by other means. It causes you to feel empty in life. Throughout life you will attempt to fill that hole that was left with anything you can find. Many unsuccessfully attempt to fill these holes. What if not just some people but all people in some way try to fill the holes in their lives with something?

In this video, psychologist, sex therapist and YourTango Expert Dr. Bruce Derman explains that "the emptiness that you're struggling with is the source of everyone's problem. They just don't realize it." He goes on to explain that people try to fill the holes in their lives with various different things. Drugs, relationships, porn, and countless others have been used to fill the emptiness people feel. None of these things will fill the void you have. Until we are able to deal with our emptiness we will never be able to truly put our all in anything.