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How To Recapture Your Husband's Desire For You

Does your husband ogle other woman? Do you overhear him telling his buddies about the sexy girls at his office? Are you worried that he doesn't find you attractive anymore? If so, help is on he way!

In this video, author, dating coach and YourTango Expert Sherry Nichols explains that it is perfectly normal to be worried if your man is looking at other woman. But luckily, there's a way to recapture his interest. Nichol's number one tip to relight his desire for you is to reconnect with your sensuality and your raw feminine power.

"To really feel like a woman you need to feel it from within. That is what is going to make you catnip to men." Appreciating your body and being flirtatous are two ways to noticibly boost your confidence and help you respark the attraction between you and your man.

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