Top 5 Dirtiest Crimes Committed In The Name Of Love

These misdeeds and misdemeanors are stranger than romantic fiction.

love crimes

After a bad breakup, feelings of love can quickly turn to hatred. You say things you don’t mean and wish for things you don’t actually want. But what happens when a person becomes so livid that bitter hypotheticals become actual actions? Some strange tales prove that all is not fair — or sane, for that matter — in love and war.

Love Explosion
While flying to Dallas, Christopher Shell’s plane was turned around and boarded by a SWAT team--that were coming for him. Shell’s ex-girlfriend had phoned in a bomb threat, saying he possessed liquid explosives. Fortunately, Shell was quickly cleared, but the ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend were brought into custody soon after.


Below The Belt
A couple days post-breakup, Indiana woman Christina Reber stormed into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, hit him on the head, then grabbed his scrotum, "squeezing as hard as she could" until it was almost completely severed from the victim’s body. Afterward, he was able to seek medical attention at--no joke--Ball Memorial Hospital.

What A Long, Strange Road Trip It's Been
In 2007, astronaut Lisa Nowak allegedly drove nonstop from Orlando to Texas in order to confront her ex-lover’s new girlfriend, Claudia Shipman, and informed she had worn a diaper in order to avoid any bathroom stops. Upon arrival, she disguised herself and attempted to kidnap Shipman who managed to get away, leading to Nowak’s arrest.


The 90-Cent Car
When British shock jock Tim Shaw speculated on-air that he would leave his family for pin-up girl Jodie Marsh, he didn’t suspect that his wife Hayley was listening. Mrs. Shaw sought revenge in the form of an auction for his $45,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo sports car via eBay, as its registration was in her name. Not only did she sell it in 5 minutes, she let the luxury vehicle go for a mere 50 pence (90 cents).

"Crazy Love" Story
Perhaps one of the most infamous bizarre crimes of love is that of Burt Pugach and Linda Riss. The pair dated in the 1950s, but Riss found out that Pugach was married and left him. Pugach didn't take the news well; he hired someone to throw acid in Riss’ face and leaving her disfigured and blind. After Pugach’s conviction, prison sentence and release 14 years later, the two actually reconciled and have now been married several decades.

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