Nag-Free Week: Can You Stop Nagging For A Week?

no nagging

Join us and pledge to be "nag-free" for one week!

If you're reading this, it's likely that you may have—at one point or another—experienced nagging in your relationship. Hey, believe us, you're not alone.

A recent YourTango survey revealed that nagging affects 70 percent of relationships, with more than half of respondents reporting nagging to be a "problem" (that figure jumps to 61 percent for married couples). Therein lies the rub: while nagging is uber-common, it's not benign.

Enter Nag-Free Week, a seven-day event encouraging readers to join together to stop nagging and start communicating more effectively in their relationships. Throughout the week, we will be offering expert advice on what causes us to nag, why nagging is bad for couples, and how to nip it in the bud; plus roundups of the latest research on nagging and coupled communication, first-person essays about how nagging has affected our relationships & more! 

How to get involved:

  • Visit our Nag-Free Week hub page each day for the latest content & videos on how to be "nag-free," plus follow us on Twitter and Facebook for exclusive tips and additional conversations about nagging.
  • Make a pledge to be "nag-free" this week, plus share your stories and advice, and encourage your friends and family to go "nag-free" with us this week via your Twitter & Facebook accounts using the hashtag #StopTheNagging. 
  • Join us this Wednesday for a #StopTheNagging Twitter party from 2-4pm ET.


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