Opposites Attract: 5 Cute Videos Of Cats And Dogs In Love

Who says that cats and dogs are natural born enemies? These 5 adorable videos suggest otherwise!

cat and dog cuddling

We've all heard that old saying, "they fight like cats and dogs." But these cute, furry friends are proving that stereotype wrong.

From a golden retriever named Murkin cuddling with his kittens to a dog and his feline friend hugging under the covers, these pets aren't afraid to show their affection in front of the camera!

Watch these five heartwarming YouTube videos to see why cats and dogs are a match made in pet heaven!


1. Golden retriever Murkin tries to catch some zzz's with his foster kittens.

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2. A cat and dog are caught napping in each other's paws!


3. Feline Kotayk gives dog Tarja a bath.

4. This puppy Husky gets groomed by a cat!


5. This pug gets a massage from this cat. (And even cuter, the pug is snoring!)