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5 Ways Getting Laid Makes You Smarter (Says Science)

couple in bed

Here's one major reason I studied communications as an undergraduate and not the sciences: Research seems to always contradict itself.

Of course, the fact that I find science impossibly difficulty is at the top of the list, but still. It seems just yesterday I was reading that just the sight of a sexy woman can make even the brightest man lose 50 IQ points. Today, however, I'm reporting that sex can actually make you smarter.

Yes, researchers at the University of Amsterdam are all about the benefits of a little bit of bump and grind. Sure, a pair of big boobs may make a man forget his name, but maybe the art of doing it is actually a cure?

Here are five ways sex can boost your spirits — and your brain cells.

1. Mental Capacity.
In the a University of Amsterdam study, participants who thought about sex performed better on critical thinking problems. Perhaps this is why men are constantly thinking with their heads rather than their brains (ha! Pun).

2. Happiness.
Let's start calling semen happy juice, because a SUNY Albany study found it has mood-altering chemicals such as oxytocin.

3. Stress Relief.
Careers, kids, bills, replacement refs in the NFL — everything causes stress. But you know what boosts it? Oxytocin. There's that magical word again! The chemical kicks in 20 seconds after a kiss, so just imagine the benefits of a full romp in the sheets.

4. Self Esteem.
Sex! It feels good! And when good feelings are abound, self-esteem shoots through the roof. Though I'm no scientist (see above), I'd imagine high self-esteem has some pretty positive effects on our day-to-day functioning.

5. Sleep.
Hey, here's that dang oxytocin word again. Aside from lifting spirits and relieving stress, it apparently promotes sleep. A well-rested lady or gent is a smarter one, yes?