5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Marry Kanye West

... or, at least, shouldn't get married right now.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marrying Getty

Kim Kardashian is already hearing wedding bells for her and current beau Kanye West. But is it really a good idea for her to get married again so soon?

The reality star sat down with the women of The View earlier this week, and, according to Us Weekly, Barbara Walters directly asked Kim whether or not she wants to get married soon. Kim's response? "Anything I'd be in now would be a permanent relationship."


Walters then asked if the relationship she's in now with Kanye West is that permanent relationship. "I hope so. I believe so," she said, and added that she believes Kanye is her "perfect match." It's Official! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Dating

But should Kim be considering another marriage so soon after her failed run with Kris Humphries? We're thinking not. Here's our list of reasons for why Kim shouldn't be getting married anytime soon:

1. She's STILL married. When Ms. Walters asked Kim if she was hoping to get married again sometime soon, the first response the starlet gave was that she was, technically speaking, still married to Kris Humphries. Kim and Kris are separated and working their way through a divorce, but it hasn't been finalized yet. We're thinking it's probably best if Kim takes things one step at a time, and makes sure she's legally single before jumping back in a white dress and walking down another aisle. 7 Signs Kim Kardashian's Marriage Was Doomed To Fail Fast


2. She's too immature for marriage. Kim is constantly portrayed on her reality show as being a bit immature and melodramatic (which she's entitled to be as a privileged Kardashian). But if that's where she's at in her life, we're thinking she should wait to get married until she's grown up a little bit. Marriages can be difficult at times and require a deep level of compassion and understanding for your partner – and not to mention compromise! Kim may need a few more years before she gets these qualities down pat. 

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3. ... and so is Kanye. Can we all recall his 2009 VMA/Taylor Swift incident or when he called former President George Bush a racist in 2005? Sure, these incidents were a few years ago, but Kanye has yet to prove that he's moved past these stages in his life. 

4. Kim changes her mind quickly. Kim and Kris were married for a hot 72 days before they filed for divorce. If that's the length of your second marriage (the first being to Damon Thomas whom she married in Las Vegas in 2000), you should probably date your next husband for more than a few months. 11 Things That Were Longer Than Kim Kardashian's 'Marriage'


5. She's speeding to have kids. While being interviewed on The View, Kim admitted she hopes to have children: "At the space that I am in life now, kids are definitely something I want." If Kim is indeed hoping to have children with her next husband, he better be a keeper. It's not right to bring children into a relationship unless you have the greatest of intentions to stay together. We understand marriages fall apart, and sometimes divorcing is actually better for the children/ But at the time of your marriage, you should truly believe that you'll be together for the rest of your lives if you're planning on having children together. 

In our eyes, the only way you can really know if you're able to spend the rest of your life with someone is to spend more than just a few months dating. We think Kanye and Kim need at least a good year together before they begin to even think of marriage plans.

Tell us: Do you think Kim is ready to get married again? Do you think Kanye will be a good partner for her and vice versa?