Reality Bites: MTV's Robb Schreiber On Hookups & Being Cheated On

MTV's Robb Schreiber
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'The Real World St. Thomas' star tells us about dating and partying it up in front of the cameras.

"I will be the best red-headed kid you'll ever meet in your life." That's the line The Real World: St. Thomas member Robb Schreiber used to secure his spot on the hit MTV reality show. Obviously, it worked.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Schreiber was told he should audition by his biggest fan… his mother. 

"I was in such a state of monotony, doing the same thing every day," Schreiber says of his time working at a mall. Clearly, it was time for a change, and his mom knew he could do it. Now, "she watches more than I do!" Rob explains. "She watches every week. My family is super supportive."

But, the stereotypical "bad boy" of the show ("I've broken 23 bones, and I'm only 21!" he boasts) had some explaining to do a few weeks ago when he was seen heavily drinking and harming himself on national TV. "My family had no idea about it until it happened, so I obviously had to talk to them about it. The last few episodes had provoked some questions from my family that I had to answer." Reality Bites: 'The Real World' Party Girl Marie Roda On Dating

Now, it's our turn to ask the questions. Here's what Robb had to tell us about being cheated on in front of a national audience, hooking up with his castmembers and more:

On the "girl back home"

"I dated this girl Emily for a few weeks," Robb says of the girl he was seeing back home before he left for The Real World. "I feel bad because I said some sour things on the show, but she was perfect and I was 100 percent comfortable with her. She made everything so easy. So, when she went and hooked up with someone else … that wasn't the person I knew. We spent every day together for a month straight!"

However, Robb had been falling for his roommate Marie at the same time. So, why was he so bothered by Emily seeing another guy?

"It wasn't what she did, it was her reaction," he says of Emily's nonchalance when telling him the news. Although they haven't spoken since that phone call, Robb does say that there's no bad blood between them. Update! Robb filled us in today that he actually spoke with Emily a few days ago and they smoothed things over and remain strictly friends!

"I thought about reaching out, to say sorry if there's any negativity. I never have had the balls. If I could, I'd say sorry. I don't judge her. She's a human being who made a mistake."

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