#LoveAfterKids: Join Our 'Love After Kids' Twitter Party TODAY!

#LoveAfterKids: Join Our 'Love After Kids' Twitter Party!
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Let's face it: trying to balance a romantic relationship with the demands of modern-day child rearing can be as hard as trying to scrub peanut butter out of your white cashmere sweater.

Thankfully, YourTango experts have come to the rescue! We asked counselors, therapists, coaches and others some probing questions about how to keep the spark alive no matter how many times your kids douse it with colorful fruit juices or flush it down the toilet just to "see what happens," and they came back with some terrific responses.

YourTango invites you to join us on Tuesday, September 11 for two hours as we share the questions and answers and enjoy insightful discussion about methods to make sure that your relationship stands the test of time — and tiny fingers.

Here are the party details:

When: Tuesday, September 11, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST

Where: Twitter.com/yourtango

Who: @YourTango and @YTExperts will be hosting the party—follow both of us for optimal interaction!

How: When the party starts, search for #LoveAfterKids in the Twitter search bar, and you're in (make sure you select "All Tweets" to see everyone's tweets)! You can also use a tool such as TweetGrid to follow the conversation. To ask a question or post a response, you must include #LoveAfterKids in each of your tweets, or we won't see them.

Why: You'll discover some interesting answers to questions such as "What do couples with kids argue about most?" and "Are couples with kids happier than couples without kids?" Our experts have provided surprising, fresh commentary that will help you approach these issues with new understanding. You'll also be able to engage in conversation with YourTango, our experts, and other parents interested in seeking out their best love lives. And you'll have a chance to sign up for YourTango's email newsletter and receive a Love After Kids ebook - free for a limited time only!

See you at our Twitter party!

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