How "Modest" Are Tom Cruise's New Child Support Payments?

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise
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The actor will be paying $400,000 a year to support his daughter with Katie Holmes.

On the heels of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce, details of Cruise's child support payments are coming to light, which are being referred to as "modest." However, in reality, it looks like Suri's dad will be taking very, very good care of her.

TMZ is reporting that Katie will be getting money for child support -- $33,333.33 a month to be exact. If you can do the math quick, that cranks out to $400,000 a year. Plus, he's expected to pay Suri's support for the next 12 years, for a total of $4.8 million dollars. It's Official: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Legally Divorced

Tom is also expected to pay all of Suri's other expenses for education, medical and extracurricular activities.

This amount may seem modest to some, but we're thinking that Suri's more than well taken care of -- especially since tuition for her posh new school in Manhattan comes with a $40,000 price tag.

Meanwhile, Katie reportedly didn't get anything, but it seems that having her daughter well taken care of was the most important thing for her. Well, that and a quick divorce from Tom.

The child support also gives Katie a chance to focus on getting back into her career. Given how resourceful she's been up to this point, it probably won't be all that hard to get back in the game (and perhaps the dating game?) again.  

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