It's Official: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Legally Divorced

Tom Cruise & KAtie Holmes divorce finalized

The former couple are officially divorced as of this Monday.

Monday, August 20th marks the day that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were officially divorced. According to People, a New York judge signed off on the final judgment on Monday causing their five-year marriage to come to an end. 

The divorce is also recognized as one of the quickest ones in celebrity history, as Ms. Holmes only filed in June. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are still having it out to this day, even though they were only married for 72 days. Geez, Louise! 6 Love Lessons For Katie Holmes During Her Divorce

The former couple are apparently on good terms and still talking for the sake of their 6-year-old daughter Suri, who currently resides with Katie in New York but is allowed to visit and travel with Tom. 

Although it's never a happy thing when celebrities decide to call it quits, we're glad that this divorce was not only a speedy one, but an amicable one. It also doesn't come as a total surprise that Katie left Tom—not a surprise to us, at least. For the sake of Suri as well as Tom and Katie, we hope that this can be put in the past and both stars can move forward.

Here's to Tom finding another women who's taller than him, Katie starring in more movies, and Suri still dressing like a fashionista.

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