10 Fun, Flirty Ways To Strike Up A Conversation

10 Fun, Flirty Ways To Strike Up A Conversation

How not to get tongue-tied when you spot a hottie in view.

Meeting the right kind of guy is tough. If you're looking for a serious, long term boyfriend, it's unlikely that you'll meet him out partying while completely wasted, but without alcohol, how the heck do you start up a conversation with your dream guy?! It can be really difficult to meet guys out in daylight, and even when you spot a gorgeous potential soulmate on the subway, if you don’t make a move ASAP the moment is gone before you know it! The main reason people don't go for it with random guys they soberly spot is because they have no idea what to say. We're here to help — here are 10 man approved ways to start up a conversation

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