5 Celeb Couples Who Show The Most PDA (And We Love It!)

In honor of "Hug Your Sweetheart Day," we're counting down the celeb couples who love to get close.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom PDA

If you haven't already, go hug your other half – today is officially "Hug Your Sweetheart Day!"

To celebrate, we're presenting you with the top five couples who can't seem to get enough of each other ... even when there are lots of other people around.

Here are the most PDA-loving celebrity couples:

1. Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy
They may be a new couple, but these two lovebirds have no problem showing their affection for each other. Last weekend, they were seen snuggling up together at the beach, and yesterday Conor, 18, was seen kissing the side of the 22-year-old's head. Awww, you too! We hope they don't break up (but if they do, we're sure it will make for another hit song for T-Swift). Taylor Swift, Wedding Crasher? Why The Kennedy Family Is Pissed


2. Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez
I know, I know. Most of you Beliebers are mad at us for putting these two on this list. But whether they're on the red carpet or at the beach, Justin, 18, and Selena, 20, can't seem to keep their young hands off each other! We don't hate it ... we just sometimes wish it were us.

3. Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom
These two are married, and they still appear to be are madly in love. Khloe, 28, and Lamar, 32, have been spotted multiple times in public holding hands, engaging in long kisses and cuddling together. When they're on their E! reality show, Khloe and Lamar, we get to see them woo each other on a daily basis (like when Khloe made a sexy video for her hubby and bought him a sex swing). We love, love, love it! You go, Khlo!


4. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
From Canada to Los Angeles, these two might as well be attached at the hip. They've been seen multiple times embracing, making out and even taking photos of themselves while out in public (how cute!). 35-year-old Reynolds and his Gossip Girl, 24, first got together in October 2011 and just bought a house together in Bedford, NY where they can continue all the PDA action.

5. Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart
While there may be rumors about these two headed to splitsville, when Jennifer, 43, and Casper, 24, are together, they're basically one person. Not only are they all over each other in her video for "Dance Again," but they seem just as affectionate off-camera. Whether their in a parking lot, at an after-party, or on a yacht, J.Lo's clearly got it bad for Casper.

Tell us: What couples can you think of that show off a good (or bad) amount of PDA?

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