Prime-Time TV Couples: Which Ones Will Last?

Prime-Time TV Couples: Which Ones Will Last?

Get the lowdown on the season's hottest TV romances.

Dr. McDreamy & Meredith, “Grey’s Anatomy”
After two seasons, Dr. McDreamy and Meredith have finally made it official. Hopefully there will be no more wives or cute veterinarians interfering.

Will they make it? Yes…at least until the season finale.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:
- For Dr. McDreamy: wax earplugs (to drown out her snoring!), a key to Meredith’s house, and a space in her closet to keep his clothes.

- For Meredith: nasal strips (the snoring again), dinner with McDreamy’s parents where she’s introduced as his girlfriend, and seeing his clothes in her closet.

Betty & Walter, “Ugly Betty”
She’s cute with her mismatching outfits and heart of gold. He’s nerdy and adores Betty.

Will they make it? No. Walter once cheated on Betty and broke her heart. She doesn’t get sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, or shortness of breath when he’s around. In other words -- Walter is not the One. We’re betting that Henry from accounting fills that spot.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:
- For Walter: Lord of the Rings chess set, Klingon dictionary, and a heart-shaped cookie with their faces frosted onto it.

- For Betty: Beauty & The Beast soundtrack, a framed photo of her and Walter for her desk at Mode, and an engraved business card holder.

Dwight & Angela, “The Office”
These two are perfect for each other. Dwight is a dorky, disciplined, and devoted paper salesman at Dunder-Mifflin. Angela is the tightly-wound, structured, and un-friendly head of accounting.

Will they make it? Yes. Since their relationship is still behind closed doors, let’s hope one of their gifts from each other is on the desk come Monday morning.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:
- For Dwight: Complete DVD sets of Star Trek and Battlestar Galatica, and a gift certificate for a paintball session.

- For Angela: Her very own Angela bobble-head, a calendar of babies playing instruments or sports, and toys for her cats.

Michael & Sara, “Prison Break”
Talk about a couple that’s living on the edge. Michael is now a fugitive on the run; determined to clear his brother’s name. Sara is just trying to stay alive and find Michael. Who knew that a doctor and an inmate could fall in love…in the slammer?

Will they make it? Yes -- provided that they both stay alive this season! Hiding out might make it hard for these two to find the right gifts for each other -- but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:
- For Michael: evidence that his brother was framed by the government, a paper crane with a secret message, and the words, “I love you.”

- For Sara: evidence her father was murdered, a phone call to let her know he’s alive, and a promise that they’ll be together soon.

Sawyer & Kate, “Lost”
Last we saw these two rebels without a cause, they had just sealed the deal in the polar bear cages. But can their love survive the season and can the escape “the Others”?

Will they make it? Maybe. It all depends on where Dr. Jack Shepard ends up.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:
- For Sawyer: three words -- “I love you,” an escape, a gun, a shower, and a hot meal.

- For Kate: her miniature airplane figurine, a shower, a hot meal, and the truth about Sawyer’s past.