'Single Girl Problems' Dishes On Love, Sex & Relationships


An exclusive interview with the single girl behind the SGP Twitter and blog phenomenon.

YourTango recently caught up with the woman behind the online phenomenon Single Girl Problems. Currently, the thirty something gal is looking for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right now, at least), and is dedicated to expanding her brand through an online store that sells T-shirts and booty shorts with logos like "My cat is my best friend," and "No, really. I'm fine. Do you have any vodka?"

Here, the anonymous viral sensation sheds her nuggets of wisdom on love, sex, relationships ... and everything in-between. Be sure to catch her on Twitter @snglegrlprblms for more hilarious wisdom (sample tweet: "I'm too broke for a vacation so I think I'll get drunk until I don't know where I am. #singlegirlproblems").

1. What are you currently working on? Do you have any exciting news to share? 
At the moment, I'm trying to expand the world of my blog, Single Girl Problems, which was born from my Twitter page. While I've reached so many people via Twitter, gaining a more widespread audience through my blog would be even better. The goal is to at least have weekly posts on dating and relationships. The crazy thing about my Twitter page is that I have done everything without a computer! I've managed this account from my iPhone for the last 18 months! I think it's about time I invest. I have also started up an online store selling clothing and accessories inspired by my account at: http://singlegirlproblems.spreadshirt.com. I am SO excited about it. I hope to be able to distribute and produce on my own in the future, but for now, sites like Spreadshirt make it easy for a startup to get something going right away. I LOVE the designs I've come up with and can't wait to own them myself! It would be crazy one day to be out and about and see a girl in one of my shirts.

2. What's your favorite romantic movie and love song?
My favorite romantic movie is Casablanca, and my favorite love song is a toss-up: Ben Folds, The Luckiest or Van Morrison, Crazy Love.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in LUST at first sight, and lust can certainly lead to love! The relationship I had with the guy I dated throughout college started one drunken night with some great talks (and some great sex too). What I thought was going to be a one-night stand became a three-year relationship. There was definitely a special connection between us from the get-go. Was it love? Doubt it. Lust? Definitely. Did we continue to lust for and love each other? Absolutely.

4. What is a key requirement for someone you're dating or married to?
He can't be allergic to cats. You laugh, but really, he can't be! Otherwise he will be miserable when he hangs around me or comes over! And okay, okay, he definitely needs to make me laugh. He also needs to want to eventually be married and have kids. Those are two things I am not willing to compromise on. I look forward to being a wife and a mother one day more than anything.

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