'Glamour' Blogger: "I Don't Make Friends With Single People"

Melissa Melms tells us that when she's in a relationship, coupled-up friends replace single friends.

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Recently, Glamour blogger Melissa Melms decided it was time to take douchiness to a whole new level with a post titled: "We Can't Be Friends Unless You Have a Boyfriend. I'm Serious…Kind of." Actually she is more serious than she is "kind of," as in her post she proceeds to basically toot about how great she and her relationship is, while her single friends are, well, lame. Basically, Ms. Melms is an asshole.


In her piece, she has the audacity to say that her former BFFs, those "loser" single gals, are "kind of annoying" with their single behavior. Instead, she feels it might be time to throw those women away and replace them with other couples instead ... because only couples are worthy of having this twit for a friend now that she is coupled up herself?! Aha. Makes sense.

According to Melms, there are "certain things you just can't talk about with your single friends anymore." Because obviously being single means you can't possibly be happy for your friend's relationship? Really? Melms continues by saying, "My relationship and my career are the biggest scene-stealers, especially since J and I are living together." Did I already point out that this woman is full of herself? She's so fantastic and fancy, that it's obvious her pathetic single friends just can't get it. You know, because they're single and therefore pathetic.


"But I know the single gals get sick of hearing it. Just like hearing about random, crazy hook-up stories gets a little old for me. There's no judgment, I'm just in a different place in my life and want to be able to connect with people who are there, too, and cheering me on."

No judgment, Melms? Are you kidding me? You're assuming that your single friends, just because they're in a different place than you, are incapable of cheering you on and supporting you! Why? Oh, because they're obviously too busy with their crazy hook-up stories that you're so sick of hearing about, just as you assume they're sick of hearing you talk about how utterly perfect your life is! Who would even want to be friends with this woman?

If you want to read her whole spiel, it's right here, but you should be warned, whether you're single or in a relationship, you're liable to get peeved about it. Not only does Melms come off arrogant, smug and ignorant, but her priorities are definitely out of whack. You don't abandon friendships just because you fall in love and move in with somebody. And if you do, you're an idiot, because what if you end up single someday? Who will you have to fall back on? No one. That would suck if it happened to you, wouldn't it, Melms?

If you're coupled up, would you rather be friends with other couples, or do you still have lots of single friends?


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