Why Do We Love Getting It On During Natural Disasters?


I can tell you exactly where I was when Hurricane Irene hit New York City last August: I was in Brooklyn having sex. The storm had yet to do any of the severe damage that it eventually caused, but that morning, as the wind and rain started to pick up, I was mid-coitus. And according to statistics, I was not alone.

A survey of 1,000 sexually active people conducted by Trojan Condoms found that the majority of Americans like to get it on during natural disasters. Of those polled, 70 percent reported having sex during tornadoes or thunderstorms, and 27 percent said they had done it during hurricanes.

The study also found a correlation between temperature and sex. It seems that the hotter it is outside, the more likely people are to have sex inside (and maybe outside, too). On average, people in frigid Minneapolis only do the deed 64 times a year, while hot-to-trot Miami sees almost twice as much action as that, at 102 times. Who keeps track of this stuff? I guess people in Miami do. You've seen The Situation's score board on Jersey Shore, the Miami season, right? /node/93115

Although scientists aren't quite sure why we like to get it on in stormy weather so much, one can assume that it's a combination of the romance it brings — "the electricity just went out and there's no TV, let's light some candles and get all cozy" — or perhaps a fear that the apocalypse is nigh and you better squeeze in a couple more orgasms. Either way, it's a primal feeling that's all too easy to understand. Now, let's hope no hurricanes hit New York this August.

Do you find yourself having more sex when the weather outside is frightful?

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