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Creepy Website Lets You Build Your Dream Guy From Scratch

As someone who loved the movie Lars and the Real Girl, I was excited to see that there's finally a website where you can create your perfect man. Because we all secretly want perfection, right? Adorable flaws are so last week.

Online dating/procrastination site iDreamofU allows you to "build your own Christian Grey" (their lingo, not ours), choosing which features — facial shape, eye color, the works — you find most attractive, and then matching you with a real, live individual who looks like the dream boyfriend you've created (I have a lot of doubts about the accuracy of this: Someone want to be a guinea pig?)

Sound creepy? Well, based on the guy it built for me based on my preferences, it is.

Just look at him. You can also either choose from hundreds of "Everyday Matches" or "Almost Famous Faces" if you lack the creativity to build your own perfect-looking being from scratch.

But before you start thinking this is entirely about looks, do not fret! After you've decided on the right look for your future boyfriend/husband, the website asks you a bunch of personality questions that will help you find the right mate. Of course looks are paramount in the beginning, but what's a pretty face without a brain or sense of humor? Nothing. At least they recognize that.

Doing my best to procrastinate, I've been messing around on iDreamofU for most of the day. While I've plugged in the features I find most desirable in the opposite sex, I have yet to get a match that truly represents what I want. Perhaps that's because no amount of sophisticated technology can understand the nuances of what we're looking for when we're seeking love.